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Volume 8, Number 37
July 29, 2014

Editor: Susan Benecchi
Co-Editors: Mark V. Sykes, Melissa Lane
Email: pen_editor at psi.edu

o---------------------------SPECIAL EDITION---------------------------o


The Europa Pre-Proposal Conference has been scheduled for Monday, 
August 4, 2014. Potential proposers to the Europa Instrument 
Investigation PEA soliciting Principal Investigator (PI)-led science 
investigations for a Europa mission are encouraged to attend this 
pre-proposal conference. Information will be presented by NASA 
officials, and participants will have the opportunity to pose 
questions regarding the opportunity.        

The pre-proposal conference has been scheduled from 11:00 am to 
2:00 pm EDT. The conference will be virtual and participation will be 
facilitated via Webex and teleconference line. Travel to the pre-
proposal conference is not necessary and attendance in person is not 
supported. The agenda and instructions will soon be posted at:

Dr. Curt Niebur
NASA Headquarters

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