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Past Meetings

APRIL 2017

3-5 Titan Through Time 4, Greenbelt, MD
3-7 Early Earth and ExoEarths: Origin and Evolution of Life, Warsaw, Poland
10-14 Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 2017 (ACM 2017), Montevideo, Uruguay
23-28 European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017, Vienna, Austria
24-26 Exoplanet Science with Small Telescopes: Precise Radial Velocities, Philadelphia, PA
24-28 Astrometry and Astrophysics in the Gaia Sky, Nice, France
24-28 Astrobiology Science Conference 2017 (AbSciCon 2017), Mesa, AZ

MAY 2017

2-3 5th European Lunar Symposium (ELS), Munster, Germany
4-5 New Views of the Moon — Europe, Muenster, Germany
7-12 Radio Exploration of Planetary Habitability, Palm Springs, CA
9-11 Venus Modeling Workshop, Cleveland, OH
9-11 Chondrules as Astrophysical Objects, Vancouver, Canada
15-17 Impacts in Planetary Systems, Lund, Sweden
15-18 JWST Proposal Planning Workshop, Baltimore, MD
15-19 The Applied Space Environments Conference (ASCE 2017): Measurements, Models, Testing, and Tools, Huntsville, AL
15-19 5th IAA Planetary Defense Conference, Tokyo, Japan
15-19 International Conference on Mars Aeronomy, Boulder, CO
16-19 Fifth International Planetary Dunes Workshop, St. George, UT
22-24 The Migration Issue: From Protoplanets to Supermassive Black Holes, Cambridge, United Kingdom
22-26 Japan Geosciece Union Meeting, Chiba, Japan
22-26 Astrophysics of Exoplanetary Atmospheres, Vietri sul Mare, Italy
29-3 Accretion and Early Differentiation of the Earth and Terrestrial Planets, Nice, France
29-23 Protoplanetary Disks and Planet Formation and Evolution, Garching, Germany
30-31 iCubeSat 2017 - the 6th Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop, Cambridge, United Kingdom

JUNE 2017

4-8 Laboratory Astrophysics Division Annual Meeting, Austin, TX
6-8 Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX 2017), Beijing, China
11-15 2017 American Astronomical Society Division of Dynamical Astronomy Meeting (AAS-DDA), London, United Kingdom
11-16 Magnetospheres of the Outer Planets Conference, Uppsala, Sweden
12-13 Emerging Researchers in Exoplanet Science, New Haven, CT
12-15 3rd Planetary Data Workshop, Flagstaff, AZ
13-15 Dust in the Atmosphere of Mars and Its Impact on the Human Exploration of Mars, Houston, TX
13-15 17th Meeting of the NASA Small Bodies Assessment Group, Greenbelt, MD
17-18 Origins of Solar Systems: The Foundations of Planets, South Hadley, MA
18-22 Robotic Telescopes Student Research and Education Conference, San Diego, CA
18-23 Origins of Solar Systems: Making a Habitable Planet, South Hadley, MA
19-23 Kepler & K2 Science Conference IV: Legacy & Scion, Moffett Field, CA
20-22 AIDA Third International Workshop, Laurel, MD
24-2 Workshop on Shock Metamorphism in Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial Rocks, Perth, Australia
26-27 Exoplanet Science in the Coming Decade: The Bright and Nearby Future, Prague, Czech Republic
26-30 Near Infrared High Resolution Spectroscopy: Where Are We?, Prague, Czech Republic

JULY 2017

3-5 1st IUGG Symposium on Planetary Science (IUGG-PS 2017), Berlin, Germany
3-7 13th Asian-Pacific Regional IAU Meeting (APRIM 2017), Taipei, Taiwan
3-8 International Symposium on Education in Astronomy and Astrobiology (ISE2A), Utrecht, The Netherlands
10-12 Enabling Transiting Exoplanet Observations with JWST, Baltimore, MD
10-14 Ultraviolet Sky Surveys, Tel Aviv, Israel
13-15 Dust in the Atmosphere of Mars and Its Impact on the Human Exploration of Mars, Houston, TX
16-21 The XVIIIth International Conference on the Origin of Life, San Diego, CA
17-21 Transiting Exoplanets, Keele, United Kingdom
17-22 Formation of Complex Molecules in Space and on Planets - From Interstellar Clouds to Life, Tartu, Estonia
23-28 Meteoritical Society Annual Meeting, Santa Fe, NM
24-28 CHEOPS Science Workshop, Schloss Seggau, Austria
24-28 Celebrating 25 Years of the OGLE Project, Warsaw, Poland
24-4 Summer School in Software Systems for Astronomy, Hilo, HI
25-3 Impacts and their Role in the Evolution of Life, Saaremaa, Estonia
26-27 CHEOPS Open Time Workshop, Schloss Seggau, Austria


1-4 Precision Spectroscopy: Towards Earth 2.0, Sao Paulo, Brazil
6-11 14th Annual Meeting of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS), Singapore
7-9 2017 National Astronomy Teaching Summit, Ft. Myers, FL
8-10 The Early History of Planetary Systems and Habitable Planets, Tartu, Estonia
9-11 8th Planetary Crater Consortium Meeting, Flagstaff, AZ
13-16 2017 International Symposium on Planetary Remote Sensing and Mapping, Hong Kong, China
14-17 The Third Workshop on Extremely Precise Radial Velocities (EPRV III), University Park, PA
14-18 International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior (IAVCEI) 2017 Scientific Assembly, Portland, OR
15-17 12th Low-Cost Planetary Missions Conference, Pasadena, CA
15-18 Accretion: Building New Worlds Conference, Houston, TX
20-24 Exoclipse 2017: Exploring New Worlds in the Shade, Boise, ID
28-1 NBIA Summer School on Astrophysical Plasmas - From Planets to Galaxies, Copenhagen, Denmark


5-7 Exoplanetary Systems in the PLATO Era, Coventry, United Kingdom
17-22 European Planetary Science Congress 2017, Riga, Latvia
18-22 Small Satellites for Space Research (COSPAR 2017), LOCATION
18-27 The Many Scales of the Universe: Galaxies, Their Suns, and Their Planets, Goettingen, Germany
19-22 3rd Beijing International Forum on Lunar and Deep-space Exploration (LDSE 2017), Beijing, China
25-27 Planet Formation and Evolution 2017, Jena, Germany
25-29 Geosciences for Understanding Habitability in the Universe, Furnas, Azores
25-29 68th Annual International Astronautical Congress, Adelaide, Australia


15-20 49th Annual Division for Planetary Sciences Meeting, Provo, UT
16-20 Fifth Workshop on Robotic Autonomous Obervatories, Mazagon, Spain
16-20 Transformative Science for the Next Decades with the Green Bank Observatory: Big Questions, Large Programs, and New Instruments, Green Bank, WV
22-25 2017 GSA Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA


6-11 9th International Conference on Geomorphology, New Dehli, India
13-15 1st IAA Conference on Space Situational Awareness, Orlando, FL
13-17 Habitable Worlds 2017: A System Science Workshop, Laramie, Wyoming
26-1 Astrobiology 2017, Coyhaique, Chile


4-8 Extreme Habitable Worlds, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
11-15 AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, LA
18-20 Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference, Broomfield, CO


6-9 Magnetic Fields or Turbulence: Which is the critical factor for the formation of stars and planetary disks?, Hsinchu, Taiwan

APRIL 2018

24-26 Planetary Science Informatics and Data Analytics, St. Louis, MO

JULY 2018

2-6 Exoplanets II, Cambridge, United Kingdom
14-22 COSPAR 42nd Assembly, Pasadena, CA