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Past Meetings

MAY 2016

9-11 Scientific Ballooning Technologies Workshop, Minneapolis, MN
16-18 Biosignature Preservation and Detection in Mars Analog Environments, Reno, NV
16-20 Resolving Planet Formation in the Era of ALMA and Extreme AO, Santiago, Chile
17-19 International Workshop About Comets in Honor of Hans Rickman, Paris, France
17-19 Humans to Mars Summit, Washington, DC
18-19 European Lunar Symposium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
18-19 68th Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain GSA, Moscow, ID
22-26 Japan Geoscience Union Meeting, Chiba, Japan
23-26 32nd IAS Meeting of Sedimentology, Marrakech, Morocco
24-25 5th Interplanetary CubeSat Workshop, Oxford, United Kingdom
24-26 New Views of the Moon 2, Houston, TX
27-30 Fourth Beijing Earth and Planetary Interior Symposium, Beijing, China
29-3 Brave New Worlds: Understanding the Planets of Other Stars, Como, Italy
29-4 2016 Vatican Observatory Summer School in Astrophysics: Water in the Solar System and Beyond, Castel Gandolfo, Vatican City State

JUNE 2016

1-3 2nd Asteroid Impact Deflection Assessment (AIDA) International Workshop 2016, Nice, France
1-3 First Annual Conference of the Society for Planetary Impact Studies, Brainerd, MN
2-4 Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference (NSRC), Broomfield, CO
5-8 53rd Annual Meeting of the Clay Minerals Society, Atlanta, GA
6-10 31st IUGG Conference on Mathematical Geophysics: From Mathematics to Experiments, Paris, France
7-9 Seventh Joint Meeting of the Space Resources Roundtable and Planetary & Terrestrical Mining Sciences Symposium, Golden, CO
9-10 International Symposium on Lunar and Planetary Science 2016, Wuhan, China
11-12 PPW Short Course: Destination Venus: Science, Technology and Mission Architectures, Laurel, MD
12-16 228th American Astronomical Society Meeting, San Diego, CA
13-15 2016 Annual Laboratory Astrophysics Division of the AAS Meeting, San Diego, CA
13-15 2016 Planetary Geologic Mappers Meeting, Flagstaff, AZ
13-17 International Planetary Probe Workshop (IPPW-13), Laurel, MD
14-15 Cometary Science After Rosetta, London, United Kingdom
16-17 Cometary Science After Rosetta: Future Directions, London, United Kingdom
20-21 Martian Gullies and Their Earth Analogues, London, UK
20-22 All-Wave Astronomy, Shklovsky-100, Moscow, Russia
20-24 11th International Conference on Permafrost, Potsdam, Germany
21-23 Binaries in the Solar System IV, Prague, Czech Republic
23-25 Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Science Forum, Washington, DC
26-1 Extrasolar Planets: Their Formation and Evolution, Bad Honnef, Germany
26-1 26th Goldschmidt Conference, Yokohama, Japan
27-29 Titan Aeronomy and Climate Workshop, Reims, France
28-30 15th Meeting of the NASA Small Bodies Assessment Group (SBAG), Washington, DC

JULY 2016

3-8 International Symposium and Workshop on Astrochemistry, Campinas, Brazil
3-8 Astronomical Society of Australia Annual Scientific Meeting, Sydney, Australia
3-8 Exoplanets Conference, Davos, Switzerland
4-16 Summer Course on Biosignatures and the Search for Life on Mars, Reykjavik, Iceland
10-12 Astrobiology Australasia Meeting 2016, Perth, Australia
11-15 New Directions in Planet Formation, Leiden, The Netherlands
11-15 4th International HSE Geochemistry Workshop, Durham, United Kingdom
12-19 2016 NASA Planetary Volcanology Workshop, Kilauea Volcano, HI
17-27 IVth Azores International Advanced School "Asteroseismology and Exoplanets: Listening to the Stars and Searching for New Worlds", Azores, Portugal
18-19 Third International Conference on the Exploration of Phobos and Deimos, Moffett Field, CA
19 Lunar and Small Bodies Graduate Conference (LunGradCon 2016), Moffett Field, CA
20-22 SSERVI Exploration Science Forum, Moffett Field, CA
22-24 Dusty Visions Workshop, Boulder, CO
24-28 2016 Microscopy and Microanalysis Conference, Columbus, OH
25-27 NASA Planetary Science Summer School, Pasadena, CA
25-5 Summer School in Software Systems for Astronomy, Hilo, HI
26-29 Enceladus and the Icy Moons of Saturn, Boulder, CO
27-29 Workshop Without Walls: Exoplanet Biosignatures, Seattle, WA
30-7 41st COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Istanbul, Turkey
31-5 Asia Oceania Geosciences Conference 2016, Beijing, China


1-4 ExoClimes 2016: The Diversity of Planetary Atmospheres, Squamish, Canada
7-12 79th Meeting of the Meteoritical Society, Berlin, Germany
15-19 Cosmic Dust, Sendai, Japan
17-19 7th Planetary Crater Consortium Meeting, Providence, RI
23-1 Summer Course on Volcanism, Plate Tectonics, Hydrothermal Vents and Life, Angra do Heroismo, Portugal
27-4 35th International Geological Congress, Cape Town, South Africa


5-9 6th International Conference on Mars Polar Science and Exploration, Reykjavik, Iceland
7-9 88th Congress of the Italian Geological Society, Naples, Italy
12-14 Linking Exoplanet and Disk Compositions, Baltimore, MD
13-16 Multiple Faces of Interstellar Dust, Garching, Germany
20-23 Half a Decade of ALMA: Cosmic Dawns Transformed, Indian Wells, CA
25-28 Exoplanets in the Era of Extremely Large Telescopes, Pacific Grove, CA
25-28 Geological Society of America Meeting, Denver, CO
26-27 The 6th International Workshop on Lunar Surface Applications, Bellevue, WA
26-30 67th International Astronautical Congress, Guadalajara, Mexico
28-29 The 6th International Workshop on LunarCubes, Bellevue, WA


2-7 XV Latin American Regional IAU Meeting, Cartagena de Indias, Colombia
10-14 The Seventh Moscow Solar System Symposium (7M-S3), Moscow, Russia
16-21 Joint 48th Division of Planetary Sciences (DPS) and 11th European Planetary Science Conference (EPSC), Pasadena, CA
17-21 IAUS 328: Living around Active Stars, Maresias, Brazil
24-27 3rd International Workshop on Instrumentation for Planetary Missions, Pasadena, CA
24-28 Exploring the Universe with JWST - II, Montreal, Canada
27-28 SMA science in the Next Decade, Taipei, Taiwan
31-4 Stardust Final Conference on Asteroids and Space Debris, Noordwijk, The Netherlands


7-16 XXVIII Canary Islands Winter School of Astrophysics, La Laguna, Spain
14-18 Comets 2016, Toulouse, France
29-1 VEXAG Meeting #14, Washington, DC


11-16 Search for Life: From Early Earth to Exoplanets, Quy Nhon, Vietnam
12-16 2016 AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA


3-7 229th American Astronomical Society, Grapevine, TX
11-13 16th Meeting of the NASA Small Bodies Assessment Group, Tucson, AZ
11-13 Dust, Atmosphere and Plasma environment of the Moon and Small Bodies (DAP-2017), Boulder, CO
23-27 Ices in the Solar System, Madrid, Spain


1-3 21st International Microlensing Conference, Pasadena, CA

MARCH 2017

26-31 Formation and Dynamical Evolution of Exoplanets, Aspen, CO

APRIL 2017

10-14 Asteroids, Comets, Meteors 2017 (ACM 2017), Montevideo, Uruguay

MAY 2017

29-23 Protoplanetary Disks and Planet Formation and Evolution, Garching, Germany

JULY 2017

17-21 Transiting Exoplanets, Keele, United Kingdom
24-28 CHEOPS Science Workshop, Schloss Seggau, Austria


18-27 The Many Scales of the Universe: Galaxies, Their Suns, and Their Planets, Goettingen, Germany