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The Planetary Exploration Newsletter Advisory Board consists of representatives of professional societies, research organizations, academic departments and other entities engaged in solar system exploration and planetary science. The purpose of the Board is to ensure the broadest possible distribution of PEN across the planetary community, to give advise on PEN policy and how to improve its usefulness to the planetary community.

NOTICE: The Planetary Exploration Newsletter content is community-provided and is not endorsed nor warrantied in any way by the Advisory Board or the Planetary Science Institute.


American Astronomical Society,
Division for Planetary Sciences
Sanjay Limaye
Geological Society of America,
Planetary Geology Division
R. Aileen Yingst
Lowell Observatory Marc Buie
Lunar and Planetary Institute Stephen Mackwell
Planetary Science Institute Mark V. Sykes
Southwest Research Institute,
Department of Space Sciences
William F. Bottke
Space Science Institute Heidi B. Hammel
University of Arizona,
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Michael J. Drake
University of California,
Los Angeles,
Institute of Geophysics
Christopher T. Russell
University of Colorado,
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics
Bruce M. Jakosky